How Gardening Helps Fight Depression & Anxiety

It’s okay to talk about depression. It’s something many of us are hesitant to talk about. Depression as well as anxiety are things that plague more loved ones than we think, and yet, we tend to runaway from talking about it. Finding different ways to deal with depression, anxiety and stress has become a part of my life and it’s something I embrace. I like to think of the simple things that bring me peace.

When I was in Colorado someone asked me what was the one thing I enjoy doing when I travel and I thought of so many things. She replied, “this sounds too simple, but I like to look at flowers. They give me energy. And it sounds a little weird, but they also give me hope.” Turns out she was right.


In Denver I fell in love with this place called Bloom, a small flower shop at the Union Station downtown. The same thing happened to me with the Pike Place flowers in Seattle, and the Rose Gardens in Portland. So when I got home, I decided to start a garden of my own. And I’ve learned that it helps in so many ways. One way? dealing with depression and anxiety.

Planting Distractions

Sometimes we need this. Especially when it comes to anxiety. Planting succulents or indoor plants is a process that can take your attention away from something that could be bothering you. Go to Walmart, buy a cheap succulent and a pot, a small bag of soil, and find the best spot in your backyard to start planting. Adding music helps!


Looking Ahead

When it comes to depression, it’s easy to get stuck on the negative or what’s happening in the moment. Sometimes that’s all we see. Planting = Progress. There’s something about watching your plant grow everyday that brings positive energy. Afraid it’s going to die? Well if you’re one who deals with anxiety, obviously you’re worried about this. Try snake plants, green succulents and low-light indoor plants for starters! They’re great for those with “the brown thumb.” And it doesn’t stop there. Water your plant. Keep a spray bottle next to it. Take some time each day to admire it. Your plant will grow every day and so will you.


The Steps of Growth

Something I’ve experienced with planting and gardening are the different steps of growth that I can apply to my own life. The excitement that comes with the first steps, like making the decision to plant in the first place; Celebrating small accomplishments, like when you plant the little guy or when it starts to grow/sprout; and of course, failure, like when a plant is dying- but I can’t give up.



Tip: Philodendron roots grow FAST in water and need minimal to no care. Afraid of killing something? Try this!!! #FoolProof 


When I started gardening it was mainly to have a healthy hobby that I could get lost in. So much was going through my mind at the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that it gives me energy through all the stages. When I plant something, there’s the energy of excitement and eagerness. When I see it start to grow, there’s hope, and when it’s thriving, I feel the energy. Not only that, but I feel the energy with my friends and family. I have loved ones who like to garden and it’s something special we share, something I look forward to and something I appreciate.



(Three months later, three times the size)

You’re Growing Too

As I stop to look at my tiny, over crowded patio, I realize how much gardening and planting has helped me grow personally, and in my relationships. When my sister was pregnant I knew she probably had a lot going on in her head. One of my fondest memories during her pregnancy is of us gardening together. She has a story of her own, and I like to think this brings her peace too.




Get to growing!!


“Sending positive thoughts..” Sometimes it’s just not enough

This article was written after the shooting in Las Vegas. We brought it to the top because it’s relevant to what’s going on right now. It’s worth taking note that while we were updating the article, we had to add more school shootings since October. Something clearly needs to change.Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 3.21.20 PM.png

I prayed for Las Vegas.… but then I went on with my day. And that’s the problem.

We were struck with tragedy in Texas today…

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49 final

In honor of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Fl.

Words cannot express our heartache. To all those who lost loved ones this past weekend, please stay strong and know that we love you.

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The rush you get from traveling combined with the insane confidence you feel when you finish a long run was something I wanted to experience. And it’s oh so sweet. All I had to do was fall in love running. Easy, right? Not exactly.
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